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The Collecting Life – Part 2

Happy Friday! This week I wanted to briefly focus on another one of my collections: vintage food tins. They’re one of my favorite things to collect because they are typically easy to find and priced inexpensively. The only tin I’ve found, albeit online, that I’ve been drooling over but can’t afford is the elusive, original… Continue reading The Collecting Life – Part 2

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We Be Jammin’

Happy Monday! I hope all you lovely readers had a fantastic weekend. Mine was crazy busy as we had so many activities going on, but so much fun! I’m already looking forward to this next weekend as it’s my sister’s birthday (if you see her tell her Happy Birthday!), Father’s Day, the four-year anniversary of… Continue reading We Be Jammin’

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My Two Favorite Littles

Happy Fri-yay! In honor of their third birthday this weekend I wanted to take a few moments to honor my two favorite little people today; my niece and nephew! I honestly can’t believe that they’re turning three already! Where does the time go?! I swear we were at the hospital just yesterday anxiously awaiting their… Continue reading My Two Favorite Littles

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Testimony Tuesday – Temple Garments

For today’s testimony Tuesday I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently regarding modesty and wearing temple garments. If you’re not familiar with the LDS faith endowed members, those who choose to live certain standards and have made certain covenants with the Lord, wear a religious undergarment typically referred to as just… Continue reading Testimony Tuesday – Temple Garments

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Everyone Could Use A little Bright(Box)

We’ve made it to Friday again which means that it’s time for another Friday Favorites post! These have to be some of my favorite posts to write because I love sharing my favorites with y’all! Today I want to share this great company that’s just getting started called BrightBox. I was introduced to this company… Continue reading Everyone Could Use A little Bright(Box)