Mason Jar Snow Globes

Hello readers!

In honor of today being the eve of Christmas Eve I wanted to share my favorite holiday craft; mason jar snow globes. I’ve been making these for a couple of years now, both to give as gifts and to decorate with around my own home.

Before I get to the tutorial I wanted to share a couple of hints that I’ve learned while making these. One, I like to use the wide-mouth style of mason jars as I’ve found they are easier to work with and give me more room for my bottle brush trees and decorations. Two, I try to pick up my mason jars and the goodies I put inside during sales at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s or use coupons. Three, I use super glue because it dries fast and has a nice strong hold.

For this craft you will need:

-Mason jar of any size of your choosing

-Artifical snow

-Super glue

-Measuring cup

-Whatever you’d like to put inside your snow-globe; bottle brush trees and Christmas figurines are my top contenders. You can find these in the Christmas village section of most craft/hobby stores.



1) Gather supplies.
2) Remove top from mason jar and separate the lid from the ring.
3) Fill bottom of mason jar with artificial snow. I use about 1/4 cup per snow globe. I like to fill the mason jars over the sink which makes clean up easier.
4) Using superglue (carefully!) glue down your snow globe figures. Here I’m using a Christmas figurine and a bottle brush tree.
5) Let dry for 5-10 minutes.
6) Once dry, flip upside down and place lid on top of mason jar. Adjust lid so that the scene inside falls where it’s visible and is centered inside of jar.
7) Screw lid on to mason jar tightly.
8) Turn right side up and gently shake until the artificial snow settles at the bottom of the jar. Make sure the snow covers the entire lid, and that no metal peaks through.

That wasn’t too hard right? And now you have a beautiful, homemade snow globeto gift…or to keep; I won’t judge!

Warm Wishes!

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