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Giant Christmas Tree Cookie Cutter

Hello Readers!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday celebrations; I know I sure did!

Today I wanted to share with you one of my best Christmas decor finds of this year, and maybe even this decade! I saw a fellow blogger post an instagram story of her trip to HomeGoods in search of Rae Dunn pottery and she mentioned seeing a 4ft tall metal gingerbread man cookie cutter. As soon as I saw that I knew I just had to have it! Unfortunately, she didn’t take a closer look at it so she had no other details to offer. I set out on an internet search, but was unable to find any useful information as to where I could buy my own online or even a manufacturer. In comes my knight in shining armor (my husband) who called every HomeGoods store in the state until he was able to locate one, and only one, giant 4ft tall metal cookie cutter decoration. This one happened to be shaped like a christmas tree and was green in color. He had the store put it on hold and drove out the next day to purchase it for me!! We were never able to located a gingerbread man but they’ve had them every year at HomeGoods for the past few years so maybe I’ll find one next year!

I thought I’d share what I do know about them as I ran in to quite a few people looking for them in my internet search:

-It’s only sold in stores at HomeGoods. I can’t find it anywhere online.

-Only sold at Christmas time and in limited quantities meaning some store locations may not get any and some locations may only get one or two the whole season.

-As far as I can tell it comes in two designs; a christmas tree and a gingerbread man. There are a few different colors though; green, cooper, and regular metal.

-This year (2016) they sold for $59.99.

I’ve attached photographs to this post of my cookie cutter tree and the tag in hopes of helping those who are in pursuit of their own giant metal HomeGoods cookie cutters!

My green 4ft tall metal Christmas tree cookie cutter from HomeGoods.
Front of the tag.
Back of the tag with the price sticker.


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