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Undecorating Blues

Well…the holidays are over and it’s time to take down all of those lovely holiday decorations.

This time of year always makes me a little bit sad; the excitment over Christmas and New Years is gone and now we’re left with the long, cold Upstate NY winter. Brr! I think that is part of the reason I procrastinate so long with taking my holiday decorations down. They add a level of warmth and charm to our home; along with a dose of nostoliga when we see ornaments and deccorations handed down from parents and grandparents, or those that are slowly currated over the years marking special milestones and seasons in our lives. My holiday decor typically goes up the day after Thanksgiving and stays up until the first week of the new year. Yup I’m one of THOSE people!

Typically our home feels so empty after everything has been taken down and boxed up in the attic until next Christmas, but not this year! This year I decided to do things differently. No moping that the winter wonderland of holiday tchotchkes and trees is gone. This year I would take down and neatly box up all of those holiday decorations in plastic totes labeled with their contents and store them away. Then I would sort through and organize our entire home, cleaning as I went. Anything we no longer used, needed, or wanted was boxed up and headed right out to door to our local salvo. Whatever we kept was placed back in its clean, organized home. Anything that was in need or repair, even those pesky little problems, was fixed. Phew! What an ordeal that was.

In the process of undecorating!

As I was boxing up decorations I started a new system for my gel window clings. I seem to be collecting a lot of these lately as I can easily find them for $1/package for every holiday under the sun at dollar stores and in the Target dollar spot. I don’t want to discard them after every holiday only to buy new ones the following year, as that seems so wasteful, but storing them in the original packaging is not an option. So I did a little web searching, and found this brilliant idea on Pinterest which has worked great for me! I purchased an inexpensive 1″ binder and some clear page protectors, which I clipped in to the binder. I used a pair of scissors to cut the side and bottom of the page protector which left me with two thin plastic sheets connected on one side (the side clipped in to the binder) and open on the other three. I could then place my gel clings on the bottom sheet of the plastic and cover them with the top sheet, thus protecting and seperating them.

My gel window clings in their new storage system.
Inexpensive and fast to make, plus so simple to use!

After all that was completed it was time to start decorating…for Valentine’s Day!

To be continued…


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