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A Few Of My Favorite Things

This past weekend I hosted my very first Favorite Things party. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while since seeing examples of similar parties online, so I decided to just take the plunge and host it a week before moving! This party also happened to satisfy one of my New Years resolutions; getting together with friends more often and hosting more people at our home. So I crossed two things off my “want to do” list at the same time. How handy 😉

The idea behind the party is that each guest picks one of their favorite things under a certain dollar amount, I set the limit at $5, and brings 3 of that same item. I also had my guests bring their favorite dessert or snack/appetizer to share. I provided drinks, paper goods, etc.

I tried to keep the decorations fairly simple as I’m moving in only six short days, eek! I used red tablecloths and paper goods as red is my favorite color, printed off some fun free printables from the web that I hung up around the room, and then just used the Valentine’s Day decor I already had up.

As guests arrived they set up their favorite things on a table and placed a slip of paper near their items, stating their name and what their item is, so that everyone else could see who brought what as they browsed. They could also enter to win a door prize I created with some more of my favorite items. Once everyone arrived we played a little icebreaker game where we all answered a couple of questions about some more of our favorites (candy, book, flower, etc) to help people get to know each other a little bit. The majority of the evening was spent visiting and enjoying the delicious sweets and snacks everyone brought!

Towards the end of the night we went around the room and shared what favorite item we brought and why it was our favorite. Then each guest got a chance to “shop” for three new favorite items! Each guest got a little gift bag with a fun “favorite things” tag to bring their new items home in.

All the guests were super creative with their items, and it was so fun to see who brought what and hear why. Items that were brought included brownie mix, canned pumpkin/chocolate chips, muffin mix/rubber spatula, tick twisters, two different types of chapstick, lotion, scented hand soap, and chocolate snack mix/book by Fannie Flagg.

The door prize was a wooden rolling-pin, homemade maple syrup, a homemade lemon scented candle, soap roses, hot chocolate mix, and cheese itz all in a vintage yellow Pyrex bowl (#404).

These are the few photos I remembered to take of the set up before the party started. I had fully intended to take photos during the party, but once things got started it completely slipped my mind!

It was a lovely way to spend the evening and I’m so thankful for the time spent making memories with friends. I hope they each went home with a full belly and a happy heart!!



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