Finger Lakes · Friday Favorites · Montour Falls

Cinn-fully Delicious

Another week has gone by and it’s time once more for my “Friday Favorites”! This week I’d like to share with you where you can get the best cinnamon rolls in all of the Finger Lakes. Seriously.

Head on over to the Village Bakery ( in Montour Falls, NY and I promise you will not leave disappointed! It’s a darling little bakery located right on Main Street that offers everything from sweet breakfast pastries to savory soups and sandwiches perfect for your workday lunches. Their crowning jewel, in my book, however is their cinnamon rolls!

Now I’ve had many a cinnamon roll in my day, but none of them have been as tasty as these ones are. They have a nice bun to filling ratio, and the filling has a delicious flavor with a hint of heat from the cinnamon; it’s not too overpowering I promise. The bun part of this cinnamon roll has more of a soft/chewy bread-like texture to it than a flaky pasty quality. I find that deviation from the usual to be refreshing, and it makes the cinnamon bun seem more hearty and filling. Also, the size. It’s palm size which makes it large enough where you don’t feel like you haven’t eaten anything, but not too monstrous that it’s overbearing or hard to eat. Lastly the frosting; because we all know that’s the best part! The entire top of each cinnamon bun is coated in a nice layer of soft, creamy frosting that has the perfect balance of sweetness from the sugar and tang from the cream cheese. You end up with enough frosting where you get some in each bite but so much that your sweet tooth aches after eating it.

So essentially you have the perfect trifecta of deliciousness coming together to form one amazing cinnamon bun! Go check out the Village Bakery and get one for yourself!

*All opinions on this blog are my own. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by the Village Bakery; I just love their cinnamon rolls!*



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