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Death & Taxes

Benjamin Franklin once remarked “but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. 


Oh Ben. Let me tell you how accurate you were:


See I’m a young woman stuck in that awful place known as the lower middle class.

I make too much to qualify for any sort of tax cuts or help. I’m finished with school so I don’t get no breaks for education.

I can’t claim dependents, though I wish my pup counted,

because I’m infertile and can’t produce any offspring.

Too broke to be able to afford the adoption or fertility treatments to create the family we desperately want since they charge

oh about thirty grand for either option.

See I’m a young woman, married and filing jointly, who hardly makes enough to cover the cost

of living in this inflation bloated society where

prices keep rising at the grocery and gas pump

yet my paycheck don’t skyrocket with it.

See I’m a young woman

Who tithes 10 percent of my income and makes charitable contributions yet

too poor to itemize so

I don’t get no breaks for helping others or doing what is taught

by my church to be right.

See I’m a young woman trying to move forward in this world but

barely breaking even often finding

more month at the end of my money than

money at the end of my month.

See I’m a young wife trying to help provide for our lives yet

never able to help get our heads above water. I don’t see no

relief coming from any of the “supposedly” helpful financial

changes or cuts we’ve made.

See I’m young woman who followed the instructions on

the tax worksheet, yet my government didn’t tell me that

their worksheet math isn’t correct so

my withholding got screwed over.

See I’m a young woman who wants to climb the ladder

of success yet

the past few years have subsisted of two steps forward and

eight leaps back. Every time something happens to fill that bank account a

greater and opposite force sucks it dry so that

no financial reserve exists.

See I’m a young woman trying so hard to

make it in this world and to follow

the wisdom and teachings of

the church, financial gurus, monthly magazine columns, my parents and

just trying to get a sliver of that American pie but

this life just makes it an increasingly steep climb; so steep that

I can’t get any stable footing.

See I’m a young woman who just wants

to break even or

catch a break so

I can





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