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Lovely in Lularoe

Happy Friday readers! I can’t believe another week has gone by and that it is already time to share another one of my favorite things for “Friday Favorites”! This week you’re in for a treat as I’m sharing THREE of my favorite things in one post; my favorite clothing item, favorite clothing brand, and favorite consultant!

Have you guessed what it is yet? It’s Lularoe of course!! Lularoe is a clothing company that was founded by a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which means that their clothing is more modest than what you might find in most stores while still being fun, fashionable, and most importantly (to me at least) comfortable! Their mission is to “create freedom, serve others and strengthen families” through fashion.

The brand carries a few different styles of tops, dresses, and leggings. Tops and dresses come in eight sizes ranging from XXS to XXXL. Leggings come in two sizes OS (one size) which fits women 2-10 and TC (tall and curvy) which fits women 12-22. The company only makes a limited number of pieces in each print and sends them out at random to each seller. Per an inforgraphic from lularoe they make about 312 pieces per size in each print which are then sent to 46,000 different sellers. In other words if you see something you like snatch it up before it’s gone because you might not see it again!

While this business model may annoy some people I think it adds to the fun as I never know what my consultant is going to have, and it can make for an interesting adventure when searching out those prints that you have to have or unique pieces known as “unicorns”. Honestly though there are so many fun prints and styles that I never walk away from a sale empty-handed or feeling disappointed; which my husband might see as a downfall for our bank account!

Lularoe products are not sold in stores, but rather sold by individual consultants through a variety of outlets. Consultants are mainly women who sell lularoe products on the side to earn extra income for their families. Many consultants open up their homes and allow you to come shop there during planned events or times arranged with them. Some consultants offer pop-up shops during other events or at other businesses. A super fun way to shop lula products is through at home parties where a consultant will come to your home, set up and show off the wares while answering any questions buyers have, and let buyers try them on before they purchase. They also offer online sales though websites/facebook in three different approaches; live sales where the consultant posts a live video showing their wares and interacting with buyers, parties similar to the in-home ones but online, and album sales where you shop photos posted online.

At this point I’ve only ever tried the leggings, but I’m itching to purchase some of the other items offered; especially the adorable dresses which would be just perfect for church! That being said, the leggings are my absolute favorite clothing item I have in my closet!

The colors are so bright and the patterns are so unique and playful that you can’t help but smile and feel cheerful while wearing them. Also, lularoe leggings are not your average leggings and are totally worth the price; trust me on this one. I often wear leggings under skirts/dresses/tunics because most clothing available on the market does not meet my modesty standard. The leggings sold in stores, while cheaper, are typically so thin that my skin (and garment lines) show right though regardless of how dark the color is. The fabric also tends to pill and wear out after only a few washes. Not to mention that you can’t find the fun patterns and colors on store shelves! I’ve not run in to a single one of those issues with my lula leggings. They’ve held up well in the wash, don’t show my skin or garment lines, don’t shrink after washing, and the colors stay vibrant. I’d also be remiss if we didn’t talk about how soft the fabric is, think of new baby skin and fluffy kitten fur, seriously! I’ve never worn softer leggings and it is life changing.

Last, but not least, lets talk about my favorite consultant; Ashley Bradford! I met Ashley through my husband, as the two of them grew up together. I was super excited when she became a lularoe consultant because I know her and I trust her opinions/viewpoints, so I know if she’s selling something it’s a product that she loves and stands behind. I’ve never felt pressured to buy anything which I’ve had happen from other consultants and other products. Ashley is so great at describing her products and providing the information that I need to feel comfortable purchasing. Also, the handful of times when I’ve really wanted a certain print that she didn’t have in stock she kept an eye out for me, and was able to locate and ship it. If you’re on facebook check out her lularoe facebook group at and I promise you’ll be glad that you did!



*All viewpoints shared in the blog are solely my own. This post was not sponsored or endorsed in any way by Lularoe. I just love their products and think you would too!

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