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The Weather Outside May Be Frightful…

But snow ice cream is truly delightful!

Happy Wednesday! Here at our home in the Finger Lakes we are facing day two of winter storm Stella. With a good amount of snow on the ground, and just about everything shut down, we decided to make the best of it and truly enjoy our snow day(s)! Thus far we’ve enjoyed sleeping in, television viewing, snowy walks, cuddling on the sofa with our puppy, and plenty of special snow day treats; grilled cheese, soup, hot chocolate, cinnamon buns, popcorn, and snow ice cream. Yup, you read that correctly; snow ice cream!

While I’ve lived in Upstate New York my whole life, and have experienced my fair share of snowfalls, I’d never made snow ice cream until last night. I’d heard about it and read about it but had just never taken the opportunity to make it. Well, with the approaching winter storm we decided we were going to attempt it for our Family Home Evening (FHE) this week, so off to the store we went to pick up what we needed before the storm hit.

Honestly, I was a little nervous making it because I didn’t know quite how it was going to turn out or if it would taste good. I was pleasantly surprised! It turned out just like a soft ice cream with a nice, sweet vanilla taste. It did melt fast and form a few ice crystals as it melted, but considering it took minimal effort and ingredients I’d say it was a win!

We left ours plain but you could certainly jazz it up by topping it with nuts, sprinkles, or any kind of jams/ice cream toppings you’d like. One batch made four regular-sized servings or two large servings. If your snow is wet/heavy/lake effect use less snow in the recipe. If your snow if very light and fluffy use a little bit more snow.


  •  12 cups of fresh, clean snow
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

*If you’re stuck at home during a storm and decide on a whim to make this but lack sweetened condensed milk no worries! Just substitute 1/4 cup granulated white sugar and a couple of tablespoons of milk until it reaches the desired consistency.


1) Gather 12 cups of fresh, clean snow from outside.
2) Upon returning inside immediately add all ingredients to a large mixing bowl.
3) Stir until combined and it forms a creamy ice cream like consistency.
4) Scoop into bowls.
5) Enjoy your snow ice cream!

**You could try to place it in the freezer if you’re unable to eat it right away, but I wouldn’t leave it there for an extended period. It may change the taste and/or texture. This ice cream is meant to be enjoyed right after making it as a fleeting snow storm pleasure!

***The best part of this recipe, in my opinion, it that if you add to much milk you can add some more snow. Not enough milk/sugar then add some more. Pretty foolproof!




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