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Preserving Memories Though Photo Books

Happy Fri-yay!

I am so glad that today is Friday, and that we are so close to the weekend! I’m looking forward to getting out and about after being stuck inside with all of the snow that we received this week. When my husband measured the snow, before it had drifted, he said we had about 15 inches in the yard. Crazy stuff!

For this week’s “Friday Favorites” I’d like to share with you my favorite way to preserve memories; photo books. I’ve been making photobooks for seven years through! In addition to photobooks I’ve also made cards, calendars, mugs, and other photo projects. I honestly don’t even know how many projects I’ve made in total because I often make them as gifts for others, or for family members and friends at their request. For the past five years I’ve made one large photo book detailing the highlights of what we did that year; trips, holidays, and other life changes & experiences.

I find that making the photo books is a really fun way for me to express myself creatively while looking back on the year, and when it’s finished I’m left with a wonderful keepsake! I’m not very good at journaling so my photobooks are the way I keep a record of my life.

I’ve tried to use other photo product companies before but I find that, for me at least, their programs are less user-friendly and I’m not typically satisfied with the finished product. Shutterfly makes it so simple to create and customize your projects with a variety of templates, styles, backgrounds, and stickers! I’m always able to find a style that fits the project I’m working on! If you’re not comfortable with creating an entire photo book from scratch there is no need to worry. Shutterfly has multiple different options for photobook creation. You can create your own book from start to finish through the custom path, have the shutterfly computer program automatically add your photos into a photo book that you can fine tune though the simple path, or have shutterfly designers create a custom book for you that will be ready in 3 business days.

Once created, your project (and photos) are saved on their website so that you can go back and order that book multiple times if you so choose. The few times where I’ve had an issue with my order, which is very rare, shutterfly customer service has been a breeze to work with and has always solved the problem in a timely fashion.  I find that the prices on shutterfly are pretty standard for photo product companies especially considering the quality of the products.

Something I especially love about shutterfly though are the sales! They almost always have a sale running offering discounts and coupon codes on a couple (if not all) of their products, or free shipping. If you create an account and sign up for their newsletters they will alert you about the sales and will also send you insider sales/codes just for their subscribers. When I create my photo books and projects I will often wait for the sales before I order. This typically allows me to qualify for 40-50% off the book/project plus free shipping, and I oftentimes get additional savings on added pages or special extras that I’ve included in my project.

If you’re not already familiar with  I recommend that you head on over and check it out! Get those photos off of your camera’s memory card or your phone and start preserving your family’s memories. There’s not better time than the present!




**This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by or any of its partners. I just love their products and services!**


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