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No Bones About It

…Or why we love Ithaca Grain & Pet Supply!

Another week has come and gone, and it’s time once more for “Friday Favorites”. I hope you’ll be able to excuse my near lack of posts this week, as well as the brevity of this one. Our family has had the stomach bug this week; all three of us including the dog. We’ve also been working towards some other exciting developments that I hope to be sharing with you soon; maybe as early as the weekend if I receive the confirmation that we are hoping for!

This week, in honor of our puppy girl Mia, I want to share with you our favorite pet store; Ithaca Grain and Pet Supply. This gem of a shop is not to be missed if you’re a pet owner and in the area! It’s located at 1011 West Seneca St in downtown Ithaca, NY. It’s somewhat hidden behind a larger brick building that faces the street, so it may take some looking for the first time you go.

Tucked away inside a small, unassuming, one story brick building is the best local pet store you’ll find. The staff is so friendly and helpful from the moment you step in the door. If they don’t carry it they’ll find it for you and order it which has proved to be super helpful for us. They offer a nice variety of pet foods, packaged treats, bulk treats, raw bones, toys, crates, and accessories (think leashes/collars/bandanas, brushes, nail clippers, supplements). In addition to dog items they also carry products for your feline, furry (hamster, ferret), and feathered friends. They also have a walk on scale which we use rather frequently for our, currently, 65 pound pup!  It’s dog friendly so feel free to bring Fido with you!

The girls who work there love our Mia and shower her with treats and attention the second we step though the threshold. I think that is part of why Mia gets so excited when we pull in the parking lot!! When we brought her home this was the only store in the area that carried the diet and brands that we were looking for; instinct medallions, raw marrow bones, and orijen kibble. The one and only time we had an issue with a product we returned it to the store and they fully refunded us without a second thought, even though the issue we had was no fault of theirs! It turns out our Mia’s tummy can’t handle lamb,  and was unable to process the lamb variety of instinct we bought her. We love that they use reuseable bags and/or reuse plastic shopping bags, try to minimize packaging waste, have great recommendations for dog products and other local dog friendly spots, and are proud sponsors and supporters of the local shelters and dog rescue groups.

As a disclaimer; yes they are more expensive for most items than if you went to a big box store or national pet store chain. However, that is not always the case for all items. We’ve found a handful of Mia’s favorite products or necessary items (flea & tick collars anyone?) that are cheaper than those at other locations. Personally for our family we don’t mind spending a few extra dollars for what we buy because we enjoy supporting a small local business and knowing what our purchase goes to support; local families, the community, regional animal shelters, and the operating costs of the store. We also know that the products we buy here are vetted by the owners and store clerks. The store footprint is small, meaning they have to be selective about what they carry. If they carry it you can rest assured they support and stand behind that product.

While Ithaca Grain and Pet Supply doesn’t have an offical website I’ve included their Facebook page here and their phone number is (607) 277-7387 if you’d like more information. Happy shopping!




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