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Everyone Could Use A Little JOY!

Well hello there! I’m so glad you stopped on over today because it’s time for me to share another one of my “Friday Favorites”. This week I’d love to share with you some of the goodness my husband brought back from Dallas, Texas in his carry-on; JOY Macarons.

I’d never had macarons before, but oh my goodness! These were life changing y’all! We tried almond, raspberry, pistachio, and butter pecan. Each flavor was so strong and pure; you could tell they didn’t use artificial flavorings just the real goodness of the actual ingredients which I love. The cookies themselves have a crunchy outer shell with a toothsome chewy texture inside, plus the delicious fillings. Most of the fillings were more of a creme and the raspberry was like a fruit gel. All were incredible. And can we talk about those vibrant colors? They just blew me away when I opened the box; the photos don’t do them justice!!

I also loved the packaging; so simple yet beautiful. They came in a brown kraft paper style box with a white macaron design printed on the side, and an outer package wrap with large white letters spelling out “JOY” that spilled over the edge. Inside, the cookies were nestled in a clear plastic shell to protect them.

So if y’all are in the DFW area anytime soon make sure to check out JOY Macarons. You’ll be so glad you did! I just wish they had a Finger Lakes location so I could get my macaron fix now that I’m addicted! They have two locations: Oak Cliff (839 W. Davis St) and Lower Greenville (1927 Greenville Ave). Check out their website here.



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