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Fried Green Tomatoes – Book Club Party

Happy Monday Y’all!

I thought I’d start this week off by sharing a little bit about my first ever book club meeting! I think a few of you may remember that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to be more social and to host one party each month as a goal for myself. I decided that a fun way to break that up would be to host a seasonal book club that would meet 4 times over the course of the year; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. We would read one book each season that was agreed upon by the club members at the previous meeting. Members are welcome to invite and bring friends they think may be interested in joining. Ladies are welcome to come even if they were unable to finish or read the book, or if they were only able to watch the movie. I’ve agreed to host, and as such decided to decorate our home and serve snacks that go along with the theme of the book.

We had our first meeting this past Thursday evening and it was wonderful. I’m so thankful for the amazing group of  ladies who came by to visit, discuss our book pick, and share yummy snacks. The pick for Spring was Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe by Fannie Flagg. It was recommended by one of the club members as being a fun yet thought-provoking read that was also made into a great movie. I wholeheartedly agree with that recommendation. It was easy to become engaged in, had many humorous bits, and covered a variety of important social topics such as family structure, racism, sexism, LGBT relationships, aging, dying with dignity, midlife crises/menopause, disability, and many more without being terribly racy or obscene. As the book is a bit older it was readily available though the local library system, but you can also purchase it through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers. For more information about the book click here.

I throughly enjoyed the time spent catching up with the attendees about their week’s and what they thought about the book. I downloaded both some general book club questions I found online, and some ones specific to this book provided by the publisher to help generate discussion. Because this book was made into a movie, and a couple of the members had watched it, we decided to include the movie in our discussion as well. For more information about the film Fried Green Tomatoes click here.

This book made it pretty easy to decide on a theme for the snacks and decorations; southern cafe! For snacks we had pulled pork, colesalw, cornbread, sweet potato pie, and two different hot dips with crostini. For libations we had lemonade and strawberry soda. I was super blessed that the lovely book club ladies kindly offered to help out with snacks, and brought so many tasty treats!! Decorations were pretty easy as I just focused on the tablescape, and I already had a lot of southern-themed items around the house. I started out with a floral tablecloth from the Pioneer Woman line (Walmart) and just added what I had laying around that fit with the theme or the book. See photos and captions below for details and where to find things!


Antique toy piano (East Hill Antiques) with a mason jar of plastic utensils and one of red & aqua paper straws (all paper goods from Walmart). Milk bottle candle courtesy of Marmalade Mercantile. I keep a rubermaid tote full of different sizes & colors of mason jars on hand for storage and decorating.


Fun red plates and aqua napkins, both from Walmart, in a little galvanized bucket from Target dollar spot! Cotton stems (Marmalade Mercantile) tucked into an old Coke bottle round out this side of the table.
Look at that delicious spread! Dishes used for serving are pyrex (both new and vintage) and Pioneer Woman. Serving utensils are an assortment I had around the kitchen. I used wooden cutting boards underneath the hot dishes to protect the table.
Galvanized bucket with faux sunflowers and a chalkboard sign done by Rachel. Bucket from Runnings, placemats from Walmart, Chalkboard sign from Hobby Lobby, and faux sunflowers from Michaels.
The favor table! I just can’t let guests go home without a little something extra 😉
Plastic berry baskets (Target Easter section) with mini pecan pies (Walmart) for guests to take home!
Can you say yum?!




**This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Fannie Flagg, Random House, Universal Pictures, Walmart, Target, or Marmalade Mercantile. I just love their products.**



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