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It’s A Perfect Day For A Project…

Good afternoon y’all! Hope you’re all having a terrific Tuesday!

I just thought I’d stop in real quick to say hello and show you a couple of the projects that I’ve been working on.  I mentioned them briefly in my Friday favorites post, but didn’t give much other information. I completed one on Saturday, spring cleaning our entire home, which took hours and I’m so glad it’s over!! These are the other two I’ve had waiting in the queue:


A container garden.

Our local library offers a seed library with a huge variety of seed packets from flowers to herbs to veggies. These are available for free to community members, and you don’t even need a library card to take some home! There is a limit of 15 packages per family until later in the season. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at gardening so I picked up 15 packets of seeds and an armful of gardening books. I still have yet to amass all the other requisite garden supplies (containers, stakes/string for vines, gloves, tools, watering can, etc), but I’m hoping that maybe within the next week or so I can pick those out and get planting. That being said I really have no idea what I’m doing so if y’all have any advice feel free to leave a comment or send an email to!


A sewing desk.

I found this forlorn looking little wooden desk for free, and somehow convinced my husband to stuff it in the back of our Prius and take it home! It’s in rough shape with one broken drawer front and some chipped/peeling veneer, but I have grand hopes of bringing it back to life.

I’ve been debating exactly how I want to move forward with this one since I’m a little torn. I was thinking of doing a chalk paint finish, but then I read some more information and reviews online and I’m not sure it’ll be the wisest or money conscious choice. The darker stain and its rough, dry finish will probably require sanding and priming no matter which direction I head in, which takes away some of the appeal of chalk paint and doesn’t really make it’s cost worth it since it’s about $30 for 1 quart. I also know this piece will probably soak up a good deal of paint and has a large surface area so I’m also thinking 1 quart isn’t going to cut it this time around.

I’ve also been trying to figure out if I want to repair the drawer front that’s broken, if that’s even possible, or if I’d rather turn that drawer slot in to some open shelves?

Lastly, and honestly probably the hardest decision of them all, is choosing a color to paint it! Most of the wooden furniture in our home is either a dark or medium stain because my husband dislikes painted wood furniture. He loves the look of the wood grain and it pains him when I paint it, but this is my project so I get to call the shots. While candy apple red is my favorite color I think it’s too bold for this project and would stick out like a sore thumb in our home. It’s also really difficult to paint over bright red if it doesn’t turn out good, and I do not feel like going down that path! Which leads me to my current debacle; if I want this desk painted (and I do) but red and other bold colors won’t fit our decor what color should I go with?! A soft yellow, a darker blue, an aqua? Any thoughts darling readers?






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