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Dig In To Some Silo!

Happy Fri-yay! This week went by at a pretty good clip, but I’m still so glad it’s almost the weekend. I’m looking forward to watching old episodes of Survivor (does anyone else remember that show?), napping, and preparing for National Infertility Awareness Week which starts on Sunday!

For today’s “Friday Favorites” I wanted to highlight my favorite local food truck; Silo! Silo food truck is a “farm to food truck” that focuses on using ingredients from regional farmers/vendors and organic produce. Their menu features “the comforts of southern cooking with an edgy, ethnic twist”. I think its important to mention that they won the Judges Choice award at the NYS Fair Food Truck Competition this past year for their Telekinetic Chicken so you know it has to be good!

Everything that I’ve had on the menu has been delicious, but my absolute favorite is the  “Gluten-ous to the Maximus” which is fried chicken, upstate macaroni and cheese, truck gravy, and pickled onions. Each component of this dish is executed perfectly; you have the fried chicken with its juicy meat inside and crispy flavorful crust on the exterior, the gooey macaroni and cheese, the creamy robust truck gravy, and its all topped off with the crisp, briny pickled onions. I mean come on; it doesn’t get any better than that y’all! I’d also be remiss if I didn’t pick up a slice of cornbread slathered with honey butter while I was there, so you should definitely add a slice or two of that to your order as well!

As it is a food truck it does travel around the area a bit, so the best way to figure out where they are going to be is the follow their social media pages so you’re always in the know. You can find there Facebook page here or their instagram feed  here. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you spot their groovy painted truck covered in swirls and swathes of color and a large chicken. Make sure to strike up a conversation with Jesse and Katie, the friendly and vibrant proprietors, while you’re there. They know their menu and are happy to help you pick out your next favorite dish; that’s how I came to try to “Gulten-ous to the Maximus” pickled onions and all!

You’re likely to find me picking up dinner from the Silo truck on Wednesdays when they park at the Argos Inn at 408 East State St Ithaca NY from 5 to 9 pm!



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