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Breaking Down The Barriers Of Infertility

Good afternoon y’all! I thought I stop over real quick to share this post I wrote on my social media page that’s been getting a lot of attention. I thought that y’all might like to read it as well!

A friend of mine shared this interesting news story with me yesterday, The Psychology of Infertility, and something I heard in the video really struck a chord with me. They stated “Way more people have infertility than you’d expect. But they don’t post. What are you going to do? What are you going to post? Are you going to post a picture of your negative pregnancy test? Are you going to post a picture of the ultrasound taken after you’d misscarried? There’s nothing to post when you go through infertility.”

That changes today. Here. Because we need to talk about infertility. We need to remove the barriers to talking about it so that people with infertility don’t feel ashamed or scared.

This first photo is a picture of one of my negative pregnancy tests. And no not a test I went out and bought for the purpose of this post. A real photo of a test I took a couple of months ago, one of many, when we thought that maybe this month would be the month; maybe this month was different, maybe this month it would work. The photo I sent to my husband to tell him that “I’m so sorry honey but no, this month was not the month. This month was not our miracle. But we will keep trying, keep hoping, keep praying”.

The second photo is of an ultrasound taken last winter at CNY Fertility Center. It is of my empty uterus. I know it doesn’t look like much; honestly until they told me what they were looking at I had no clue either. It is the ultrasound that confirmed what the blood tests had already shown, and that I was hoping were so wrong. It showed the extent of the damage to my reproductive system from my autoimmune disease. It solidified the fact that I would only have a 0.001% chance of ever conceiving a child naturally; that I’d never hold a child in my arms who had any part of my resemblance or genetic material. It is the ultrasound taken as I cried on the exam table and my older sister held my hand and told me I was going to be okay; that we would get through this and she would help me no matter what it took.

This is infertility.





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