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The Collecting Life – Part One

Good Morning!

I’m so incredibly happy that today is Friday after what a week it has been!

Today for Friday Favorites I wanted to briefly focus on my collections. I have quite a few that I’ve amassed over the last few years, and more seem to start with each trip antiquing!! They include everything from mason jars to dairy containers (milk bottles, milk cans, and the like) to toys. I enjoy the thrill of the hunt; never knowing what you might find or where. I often seem to find the items I collect on accident, and don’t have much luck finding them when I’m actually searching them out. I guess that’s just how it goes!

Today I wanted to highlight one collection in particular; my toy barns. The first toy barn I purchased was found at Up Country Antiques in Trumansburg, NY. It was sitting out on their porch, and I spotted it as I walked by one evening. Unfortunately, for me, it was after business hours and I would have to wait two whole days until they were open again. The wait felt like agony!! I was so concerned someone else would swoop in and snatch it up. Luckily I was there right at opening that Saturday and gladly brought it home with me at a price that I felt was worth it, but has remained undisclosed to my husband as I’m sure he’d flip out! The second barn I purchased was a vintage Fisher Price barn similar to one that I remember playing with as a child. I found it at East Hill Antiques when we moved to Ellis Hollow shortly after we got married. The third, and largest, barn I purchased was located in the window display of a small antiques shop located in Odessa, NY that is open at the owner’s whim. I saw it displayed in the window for over a month before I drove by when they were open. I stopped in and the owner gave it to me for a steal after hearing that I collect them. In addition to my vintage/antique barns I have two newer Melissa and Doug barns that I’ve either found for free or purchased.

I’m always surprised and overjoyed when I find another to add to my collection. I love how unique each one is; from the differences in the shades of barn red to the handcrafted details on my two antique ones, to the quirky “easter eggs” hidden on the Fisher Price model. In my opinion you can never have too many!



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