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The Women in My Life

I wanted to do something different for today’s Friday Favorites in honor of Mother’s Day. I wanted to highlight the women in my life who are my favorites. So without further ado:

My Mother:

Oh mom where do I start? I guess by telling you thank you! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me in my 23 years on this earth. Thank you for stepping up to the plate and raising another daughter when you found yourself unexpectedly expecting me. Thank you for all your years of sacrificing your wants and desires to provide me with so much. Thank you for placing me and my needs above your own; I know that couldn’t have been easy. Thank you for sticking by me no matter what path I went down. Thank you for continuing to guide and support me as I navigate marriage and adulthood. Thank you for the innumerable loads of laundry you washed, piles of dishes you cleaned, messes you picked up, appointments you took me to, books you read me, school events that you attended, bills that you helped pay to support me, lessons that you taught me, and so much more. Thank you for your example of a strong woman who speaks up for what is right and helps those around her. Thank you for being my mom.

My Mother in Law:

Chrissy thank you for raising up an incredible man, and for bringing him up in the gospel. Thank you for never giving up when life got tough and didn’t turn out the way that you had planned. Thank you for accepting me in to your family with open arms. Thank you for always being willing to help those around you. Thank you for sharing your recipes with me so that I can bake the things that make your baby happy. Thank you for your strong testimony of the church. Thank you for leading by example.

My Sister Kim:

Kimmy you’re an amazing momma to those babies. I see how hard you work and all that you give on a daily basis. I’m in awe of you; your strength, your tenacity, your patience (and yes you do too have patience)! Thank you for your sensitivity to my infertility and for always including me. Thank you for fighting for your rights and the rights of others, and for not letting the bullies and haters get you down. Thank you for breaking down the stereotypes to what women can and cannot do, and who they should and should not love. I’m thankful to have your friendship and example in my life.

My Sister in Law Ashley:

Ashley thank you for putting up with all of us and happily being a part of our family. I know we can’t always be easy to love, but we are blessed by your presence. Thank you for working so hard and sacrificing so much to provide for your family. Thank you for your humor and wit. Thank you for loving and fighting for those two precious babes with every ounce of your being. Thank you for striving to make the world a better, more accepting place for them. Thank you for loving my sister and helping the world to see that doing so is okay. Thank you for being you.

My Sister Carla:

I know that you’re not a mom but you deserve to be celebrated on this day too for the incredible woman that you are. Thank you for always being there for me and supporting me though my many missteps. Thank you for the countless nights you opened up your bed to me when I couldn’t sleep because of my anxiety. Thank you for your example of fearlessness and showing me that the world can be my oyster. Thank you for showing the world that you can be a beautiful, kick ass women in computer science. Thank you for being not only my sister, but a dear friend as well.

My Aunt Sue:

Thank you for the example you set for me for the 15 precious years that I had with you on this earth. Thank you for your lasting impression of compassion and charity that you’ve left me with. Thank you for always being there for me no matter the time of day that I called. Thank you for taking me under you wing and teaching me so much in such a short time through your actions. Thank you for being another mother to me.


I know that this day is probably pretty painful for you with the loss of your dear mother. Thank you for carrying on her legacy by being the amazing mother, sister, aunt, cousin, and woman that you are. Thank you for your example of strength and never giving up. I’m grateful to have you in my life.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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