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Dollars To Doughnuts

Happy Fri-Yay y’all!

For today I just wanted to post something light and happy, so for Friday Favorites we are going to be focusing on my favorite local doughnut shop; Tobey’s. Tobey’s is located at 135 E 4th St Watkins Glen, NY, and while they don’t have an offical website they do have a Facebook page here. They have an amazing, delicious selection of doughnuts and pastries available along with beverages and a couple other breakfast items. You can either get your doughnuts to go or enjoy them at a booth or table in their storefront.

Every item that we’ve tried thus far has been so tasty that it’s hard to choose just one favorite!  If I had to I’d say it’d be their raspberry jelly doughnut. Unlike most other jelly doughnuts this one doesn’t have a runny center. The raspberry jam is more gelatinous without being a huge glob, and strikes the perfect balance between sweet and tart. The doughnut dough itself is light and has a good flavor on its own. It’s coated with  just the right amount of powered sugar; enough to make a bit of a mess but not enough that it makes your mouth cakey and dry.

Tobey’s makes their doughnuts fresh each day right on site. The staff are always friendly, and the doughnuts are never stale. Plus they’re only like $1/doughnut; how can you beat that for a delectable breakfast bite?! Our family starts many a Saturday morning by grabbing a bag of Tobey’s doughnuts before heading out for a day of errands, antiquing, or hanging at the dog park. There’s no better way to start the weekend in our minds!



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