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Sewing Desk DIY

Good Morning! I hope y’all are having a wonderful Wednesday! It’s been a while since I posted about the projects I’ve been working on, so I thought I give you a little update by sharing the DIY sewing desk that I’ve completed.

I found this sweet little desk for free by the roadside, but it had definitely seen some better days and was in need of a refresh! The wood veneer was chipped and peeling in a few different spots, it was dirty, and the finish was worn. Despite its tired appearance I knew that with a little elbow grease it could be the cutest little sewing desk, and a perfect (early) birthday gift for one of my older sisters!

I started out by removing the drawers from the desk and the hardware from the drawers. I then gave it a quick wash with a damp cloth and some dish detergent. After it had dried I applied a layer of wood filler over the areas in the wood and veneer that were gouged, or had peeled, using a small putty knife. As I did this I made sure to smooth the area out to make it as even as possible.

After the wood filler had dried completely I sanded the entire desk and drawer fronts down; first with a rough grit sandpaper and then with a fine grit sandpaper. My wonderful husband used his dremel tool to remove part of some chipped molding on one of the drawer fronts so that it would be even and smooth. I then removed the dust from all the surfaces and applied three thin coats of primer letting it dry completely between each coat.

Then it was time to paint! I applied three coats of dark blue paint to the desk and two coats of grey paint to the drawer fronts letting it dry completely between the coats. I used paint samples from Lowes for each color which gave me the perfect amount and was easy on my wallet. I applied it with a foam brush. I chose to do two different, coordinating colors for a fun contrast that would add a little bit of detail. After the paint was dry I applied one coat of a water based polycrylic on the main portions of the desk and two coats on the desk top and drawer fronts letting it dry completely between coats. We decided to do this because we wanted the finish to be more durable!

I let it sit overnight before adding the finishing touches the following day. I found these adorable metal owl drawer pulls at Hobby Lobby, and when I saw them I knew they’d be a perfect choice for this desk as my sister loves owls. The three drawers along the side got copper finish owl face drawer pulls and the long top drawer got a teal full profile owl drawer pull. I used both styles to create more interest on the front of the desk. To complete this project I added a measuring tape across the back of the desk top so that it could be used as a sweet little sewing desk. The measuring tape was a great, unexpected find at Hobby Lobby; it’s peel and stick! How neat is that?

One project down, and about six more to go! How are your DIY projects coming along?!



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