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Container Garden DIY

About a month ago I posted about some of the projects that I’ve been working on. Two weeks ago I shared my completed sewing desk DIY and today I’m sharing my porch container garden DIY! I got the seeds for free from my local library’s seed catalog at the beginning of April and have been researching how to grow a container garden ever since. I’m still not sure how this experiment in growing will turn out, but I know it’ll be a fun learning experience even if it doesn’t end up being a fruitful garden!

My planters are actually plastic ice buckets from Walmart that I found for $5 a piece. I decided to go with these as opposed to traditional planters as the large planters I was considering were rather expensive and I wasn’t sure I’d use them more than once. I removed the price stickers and gave them a quick wash letting them dry out before adding soil. My husband also drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the containers using his cordless drill. Then I cut up a couple of pool noodles that I also found at Walmart for 97 cents a piece to aid in drainage and make it so my pots weren’t so heavy. This was an idea I found on pinterest for container gardens; I’ll let you know how it works out later in the season! After each pot had a layer of sliced up pool noodles I filled them with a potting soil mix found at Lowes. I wasn’t able to find the container gardening mixes recommended online, and didn’t feel comfortable mixing my own, so I chose the closest mix I could to what a container gardening mix would be. I then sowed the seeds following the directions on the packet, labeled them using these adorable wooden plant stakes from the Target dollar spot and gave them a healthy drink from my sweet Target dollar spot watering can.

After all of that was completed I placed them in a location that I thought would allow them to get the needed sun per seed packet directions. Now all that’s left to do is care for them and wait and see what grows!

How are your gardens coming along? Any tips you could share with the novice gardener?



*All opinions are solely my own. This post is in no way sponsored or endorsed by Walmart, Lowes, or Target. I just love their products!*


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