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Testimony Tuesday – Temple Garments

For today’s testimony Tuesday I wanted to share with you an experience I had recently regarding modesty and wearing temple garments. If you’re not familiar with the LDS faith endowed members, those who choose to live certain standards and have made certain covenants with the Lord, wear a religious undergarment typically referred to as just “garments”, “g’s”, or “temple garments”. For more information about the temple garments please refer to this informative Mormon Newsroom article.

As an endowed member I wear these garments and follow the guidelines for doing so, but it’s not easy in today’s society! Many of the popular styles sold in stores do not offer modest enough hemlines, which means shopping for new clothing can be rather difficult. This is even more true when it comes to shopping for formal wear like prom dresses and bridesmaids dresses.

As I’m going to be in a dear friends upcoming wedding the bride and I spent a fair deal of time shopping around online trying to find a modest dress in a style she liked that fit the wedding colors. We thought we had one and it’d work out just fine, but alas when the dress showed up and I tried it on it was not as modest as it had appeared! I panicked as soon as I saw that not only would the style of the dress not work, even with alternations most likely, but that it was nonreturnable and nonrefundable due to it being custom-made in my size and her wedding colors. Eek! I was so torn over what to do; I didn’t want to upset the bride and add more stress to her already stressed life, but I also wanted to honor my temple covenants. What’s a girl to do?! I debated whether or not I should just let it go for the day and not wear my garments but I knew in my heart that wasn’t the right choice for me.

So I forged ahead and called the company, patiently waiting on hold for someone to answer their customer service line, and explained the dilemma I was facing. I stated that I didn’t want to cause any problems and was aware of their strict return policy, but asked them to reconsider as it was an issue of religious morals that could not have been predicted based on the description and photos provided on their website. The customer service rep reiterated their return policy, but asked me to email over some more information and stated she would see what she could do. I did my best to provide the information asked for in as much detail as possible in the email but explained that I wasn’t able to provide as zoomed in photos as requested as it violated church guidelines. I also explained how I was a member of the LDS church and gave the company some information on the church and the temple garment.

Within a few hours the rep had emailed back stating that she had shared my debacle with the supervisor and they were both empathetic to my situation and apologized for requesting photographs that violated religious standards. They stated that while they don’t offer returns or refunds for custom dresses they felt that this instance deserved an exception and offered me a full refund minus the cost of shipping that would be applied to my card as soon as the dress was received back at the warehouse. I was so shocked and overjoyed! No only were they supportive of my decision to wear garments and uphold my covenants instead of suggesting I just not wear them to wear their dress, they were offering me a 100% refund knowing full well that none of their other dresses meet the modesty standard I follow, and that I’d be spending that money with a different company that does. I feel like that’s a pretty rare happening in today’s society!

It was just such a reaffirming moment where I knew Heavenly Father was appreciative of the covenants I’ve made with him, as well as my decision to uphold them even under difficult circumstances, and did what he could to help me find a solution to my problem and soften the hearts of those at the dress company. It gave me such a solid testimony of the importance of wearing my garments even when it requires difficult choices or more time and creativity with clothing shopping, as well as standing up for my beliefs in a society where they aren’t as popular or supported by many.

Just some food for thought!




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