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My Two Favorite Littles

Happy Fri-yay!

In honor of their third birthday this weekend I wanted to take a few moments to honor my two favorite little people today; my niece and nephew!

I honestly can’t believe that they’re turning three already! Where does the time go?! I swear we were at the hospital just yesterday anxiously awaiting their arrival and visiting them in the NICU. I’m so grateful we’ve been blessed with three years of their presence in our lives; bringing so much laughter and joy with them.

From the very moment of their arrival their individual personalities have been evident. I could see little man’s “go with the flow”, chilled out personality as he let out one “I’m here world” cry and then instantly became engaged in observing the world around him. I could see princess’ moxie as she fought the two nurses it took to swaddle her. She may have only been a barely four pound peanut, but she was going to let the world know she was strong and could handle anything!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to watch their personalities unfold even more though the past three years, and watching them learn and grow. They continually amaze me with their tenacity, love, tenderness, and understanding of the world that far outstretches their age.  Being their aunt is an absolute honor, and a role I’m proud to fulfill. I can’t imagine my life without these two littles.

I’ve loved them from the very moment I saw them through the OR window at Arnot Hospital, and have only fallen more head over heels for them with each passing year.

Happy Birthday Twins!!


Auntie Cait




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