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The Collecting Life – Part 3

Happy Friday!

For today’s “Friday Favorites” I’m going to be focusing on another one of my collections; vintage canning jars.  These are another one of those collections that tends to be fairly easy to find and inexpensive to purchase! I love how they look displayed on a shelf and how unique the can be; each one has its own quirks and imperfections.

One of my favorite aspects of this collection is thinking about their prior lives; what did they hold and where were they located? Were they in some farm wife’s kitchen storing jams and pickles that had been painstakingly preserved from last summer’s garden bounty? Or holding nails in someone’s tool shed? Oh, and I absolutely adore when I can find a vintage canning jar that still holds its orignal (non-food) contents! If I spot one of those you can be sure I’ll be scooping it up and bringing it home!

What about you? What collections are you working on?! Let me know in the comments!



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