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Letterboard Love

It’s finally Friday! Hooray!

For this week’s Friday Favorites I’m sharing a little bit about one of my new favorite home decor items; letterboards! I first started seeing letterboards pop up in my newsfeed on instagram in the Fall, and was instantly hooked with what a fun and versatile product they are. If you’re not familiar with letterboards they are a piece of wall art that have these felt ridges (usually black but can be white) in a (typically) wooden frame that come with plastic letters, numbers, and punctuation that you can use to write out messages, quotes, menus, whatever your heart desires!

As letterboards have increased in popularity you can now find them at many different price points, felt colors, frame types and finishes, and letter colors, fonts, and sizes. When I got mine it was the first one that I had seen available in a store; Hobby Lobby. There were only two and it was around $30/board. Since I had only seen them online for closer to $50-$70 I snatched it up! Now that the letterboard craze has exploded you can even find them at Walmart for about $10 and Hobby Lobby has a whole line of letterboard accessories; think metallic letters, cursive script, and phrases that are already spelled out.

I adore my letterboard. It’s just such a fun, graphic piece of art that I currently have displayed on a shelf but can also be hung on the wall. I love that I can change it on a whim and have fun with it. I’ve also used my letterboard as a decoration at a bridal shower with a cute saying and in a photo shoot! Now that so many accessories are available I may even branch out and add some to my stash.

A few tips for using your letterboard:

  • Use washi tape to remove dust and dirt from you letterboard without damaging the felt.
  • Find a letter storage system that works for you. I find it best to have my letters, numbers, and punctuation separated from each other so I can more easily locate what I need. I know some people who have a tackle box system where each letter/number/punctuation mark has its own slot to make finding what you want even easier.
  • Lay the letters out on your board before you press them in so that you can easily adjust the spacing and make sure it fits and looks nice before everything is hooked down.

Are any of you letterboard fans yet? Tell me how you style your letterboards in the comments section!



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