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Our First Adoption Fundraiser!!

Good Afternoon Y’all!!

As I mentioned earlier adoption is not an inexpensive undertaking, and as such we are excited to announce that we are holding our first fundraiser; adoption t-shirts! My talented sister Carla has created this one of a kind logo just for our adoption shirts, and she’s done a beautiful job. Trust me when I say that you’ll love wearing these shirts!

Proceeds from the sale of the shirts (after Bonfire takes out their printing and material fees) will support the expenses associated with adoption; legal fees, the cost of a home study, agency fees, and the like. There are two shirt options to choose from (unisex adult and unisex youth) as well as unisex adult hoodies. Five color options are available; red, grey, black, navy blue, green. The logo is in white, and will be printed on the shirts/hoodies as displayed in the online photo. The back of the shirts has our adoption social media hashtags printed on it, also in white. 

Adult shirts are $23. Youth shirts are $20. Adult hoodie sweatshirts are $35. Information on the fabric types and a size chart can be found here.

The way that this fundraiser works is that you order the shirts though the website, but they don’t ship out until the end of the fundraising period of 21 days. If after that 21 day period the minimum amount of shirts the company requires to be sold are purchased then the company will charge your card and print and ship the shirts. If the minimum number is not sold then your card will not be charged and no shirts will be printed and shipped.

To purchase click this link and follow the onscreen directions. If you have questions reach out to me, and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Thank you for those who have already purchased your shirts! We sincerely thank you for your support and can’t wait to see you rocking these awesome “Adoption is Gorges” t-shirts!!




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