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I Love This Crazy, Tragic, Sometimes Magic, Awful, Beautiful Life

Hello there friend!

I’m glad you’ve stopped by today because I want to share about our first adoption home study home visit.

So I had this idea in my head of how it was going to go, and you know what? It went nothing like that plan! I had these visions of opening the door and welcoming our social worker into a spotless home that had the aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting though it. She’d see a perfectly pulled together couple and a calm, wellbehaved puppy. We’d be alert and ready for any questions asked of us…and on and on.

Instead she saw a half asleep slightly dishvelled couple, a crated slightly wild puppy from being home alone for a chunk of the day and having her schedule all mixed up, a sort of pulled together home where at least the floors had been vaccumed and the couch was free of dog hair, and no freshly baked cookies to be seen.

But you know what? That first visit still went swimmingly despite all of that craziness and the change of plans. We still acomplished what we needed to and I think we may have been even better off because of it all. Why? Because life is messy, adoption is messy, parenting is messy. We don’t have a perfect life, we often don’t have everything pulled together, BUT we do have a lot of love to give and a family structure where we are there for each other no matter the circumstances or time of day. And I think (I hope) that that matters more to our social worker than a spotless home and cookies. Altough I’m sure cookies won’t hurt for future visits…




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