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Measuring Time In Quilts

Happy Friday!

Oh my goodness y’all the relief I feel that today is finally Friday, and I’ll get to see my Beau tonight cannot be measured. I’ve missed his company so much, and it’ll be a treat to hear his voice again.

As we go though this trial of time apart, along with all the stress of the adoption process, I find myself measuring the time in quilts. What I mean by that is that my thought process is focused less on days or hours, which I find pass far too slow for my liking. Instead I’m focused on how many quilts I’ve made total, or how far along on I am on my current quilt. So during this adoption process I’ve made four total quilts and am working on my fifth. This week I’m almost ready to bind that fifth quilt.

Anyho, for this week’s Friday Favorites I wanted to share a few of the quilts that I’ve made because I love quilting so much. It’s a recently found favorite (within the past year and a half so that still counts a recent right?), and it’s a great way for me to spend all this time while Beau is away. I’ll be sharing a semi-tutorial/write-up of instructions for my favorite basic quilt within the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I’ve completed a Cornell themed friendship quilt, a Christmas quilt, a vintage strawberry fabric lap quilt, a vintage strawberry fabric baby quilt, a grey and yellow baby quilt, and a pink/zoo animal themed Liberty of London lap quilt. I currently have an additional seven quilts planned; a Christmas baby quilt, a “Welcome Baby” baby quilt, a Liberty of London pink baby quilt, a nautical themed baby quilt, a Halloween lap quilt, a vintage fabric quilt, and a birthday lap quilt. Plus a couple of fleece and flannel baby blankets, some bibs, and some vintage hankey burp cloths. A girl’s gotta keep busy somehow right?






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