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Usborne Books

Happy Friday!

I know I haven’t been great at posting lately, especially with Friday favorites, and I apologize. Life has been a wee bit hectic as we’ve been wrapping up our adoption home study, working on the nursery, and preparing for the holidays.

I find myself especially busy this year as I’m continuing with my New Years resolution to be more social. Therefore I’m hosting a TTC holiday gift exchange and have two different parties coming up that I’m throwing; one online for Usborne Books and one in our home that is a cookie exchange/favorite things party. I’m also busy attending different local events. I may be busy, but I am truly enjoying every second of this holiday season!

In preparation of my online party for Usborne Books I wanted to share more information about them with y’all.  Usborne Publishing is the leading independent publisher of children’s books in the UK. They were founded in 1973 by Peter Usborne. Their books and products are primarily sold through independent consultants through both home parties and online. Think of  Tupperware parties but for books, so like a million times better!! Usborne offers books for all ages; from board books for babies to coloring books for adults. They have a wide range of fiction, nonfiction, and classic titles from well-known and lesser known authors plus homeschooling aids, crafting kits, coloring books, and more! The majority of their titles are exclusive to Usborne Books meaning you won’t find them anywhere else.

I was introduced to Usborne Books via a friend’s online party, and I instantly fell in love! The huge range of titles and products really caught my eye. The books I’ve purchased are well-bound and high quality with well written storylines and colorful illustrations. Exactly the kinds of features you want in a children’s book! Prices are fair for the market; more expensive than buying books used or from discount stores, but slightly less than most brick and mortar book sellers.

I’m already a big fan of children’s literature and parties, so throwing my own online book party to share my love of Usborne Books with all of you seemed like a great idea! I’m especially excited to be hosting this month so that you can order books from this party to give as gifts! I’ve always felt that books make for great gifts that will last long after toys get broken, clothes get worn out, and dvds get scratched.

Are you an Usborne Books lover too? Let me know in the comments!




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